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DT830D Digital Multimeter DT830D Digital Multimeter
New -21 %
Model: EE3205
This brand new and up-to-date Digital Multimeter Small Yellow Color LCD AC DC Measuring Voltage Current is a small multimeter for your everyday needs. If you are familiar with multimeters, you can use this small multimeter/multimeter for basic continuity checks, voltage measurements, and a varie..
₹189.00 ₹240.00
Li-Fi - Visible Light Communication-EE1528-DC5R1 Li-Fi - Visible Light Communication-EE1528-DC5R1
-23 %
Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1528-DC5R1
Li-Fi technology provides transmission of data through illumination by sending data  through  LED  that varies in  intensity faster  than the  human eye  can follow. This product  focus on developing a  Li-Fi based  system and  analyze its perfo..
₹999.00 ₹1,300.00
Micro USB Data Cable Micro USB Data Cable
New Hot -19 %
Brand: RD Model: EE2413
This is your standard USB A-Plug to Micro-USB cable. It's 1 meter long so you'll have plenty of cord to work with for those longer extensions. Perfect for connecting to your Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, or (among other things). It's got extra beefy 24 AWG power wires so it works great for h..
₹69.00 ₹85.00
RS232 to TTL Converter Module RS232 to TTL Converter Module
-28 %
Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE907-C74C2
The RS232 module can be used to interface a microcontroller to a PC via a RS232 connection (serial port). This module converts signals between RS232 voltage levels and TTL voltage levels. It is bi-directional, where TTL signals are converted to RS232 levels and RS232 levels are converted to TTL ..
₹65.00 ₹90.00
Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1501-C36R5
The SIM800 modem has a SIM800 GSM chip and RS232 interface while enables easy connection with the computer or laptop using the USB to Serial connector or to the microcontroller using the RS232 to TTL converter. Once you connect the SIM800 modem using the USB to RS232 connector, you need to find ..
₹999.00 ₹1,100.00
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