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LM317 Voltage Regulator -Adjustable

LM317 Voltage Regulator -Adjustable
LM317 Voltage Regulator -Adjustable
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The LM317 is an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage.They is exceptionally easy to use and require only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Further, both line and load regulation is better than standard fixed regulators.


  •            Load Regulation 0.3%
  •            Line Regulation 0.01%
  •            Output Voltage Tolerance 1%
  •            Output Safe-Area Compensation
  •            Thermal Overload Protection
  •            Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting
  •            OutputCurrentGreaterThan1.5A
  •            Output Voltage Range Adjustable From 1.25V to 37V.

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