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20 In 1 Sensor Module Kit For Arduino

20 In 1 Sensor Module Kit For Arduino
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20 In 1 Sensor Module Kit For Arduino
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The DIY sensor learning kit is a fantastic resource for education in electronics engineering and embedded systems. There are 20 components in this sensor kit that are Arduino compatible. These sensors don't need any coding or programming expertise because they're simple to use and comprehend.
This sensor kit will get you started on a number of projects by providing distance sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and more.
The sensors learning kit is comparable to a stem education kit because it is based on the idea of educating children in four different domains of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics using an applied technique. All of the sensors and modules in our kit work with a variety of microcontrollers, including the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP, and many others.

Package Includes:-

·       1x Ultrasonic Sensor Module

·       1x Vibration switch module

·       1x Infrared Transmitter sensor module

·       1x Infrared Receiver sensor module

·       1x MCP9701Temperature sensor module

·       1x Humidity sensor module

·       1x LDR Sensor module

·       1x Tilt sensor module

·       1x Magnetic Reed Switch module

·       1x Flame sensor module

·       1x NTC Temperature sensor module

·       1x Obstacle avoidance sensor module

·       1x Sound sensor module

·       1x MQ2 Gas Sensor Module

·       1x Touch Sensor Module

·       1x Pir Sensor Module

·       1x Rain Sensor Module

·       1x Soil Sensor Module

·       1x DC Voltage Sensor Module

·       1x Water Sensor Module

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