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Heat Sink PI49 – TO-220-EE1109-Q4

Heat Sink PI49 – TO-220-EE1109-Q4
Heat Sink PI49 – TO-220-EE1109-Q4
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  • Model: EE1109-Q4
  • Weight: 5.00g
  • SKU: Q4
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Black Anodized Heat sink to dissipate heat from any TO-220 package ICs (like 7805, MOSFETs, etc). Generally used to keep voltage regulators and motor drivers cool, efficient and increases the reliability of the components.


·       Material: Aluminium

·       Mount Hole: M3 Screw Hole

·       Fit for: TO-220 packages

·       Strong heat conductivity and heat dissipation

·       Overall Size: 20 x 16x 12.5mm (L*W*H)

·       Weight: 5g.

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