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Model: EE3206
Specifications           Length:10 Meters              Width:18mm           Thickness: 0.13mm and 0.18mm         &n..
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M3 x 34MM Female to Female PLA Hex Spacer-10Nos M3 x 34MM Female to Female PLA Hex Spacer-10Nos
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE3601
The PLA Hex Spacer is meant to securely mount your PCB while also elevating it above other components such as the inside of a computer chassis, quadcopter frames, motor driver bodies, and any other PCBs that may appear in your DIY projects.Specifications·       Excel..
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Magnetic Screw Driver Tool Kit-JK6032 Magnetic Screw Driver Tool Kit-JK6032
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Model: EE3209
A multi-purpose set for driving and retrieving small screws.Universal tool kit with one screwdriver head and 32 insert bitsIt is excellent for maintaining and repairing watches, electronic devices, and eyeglasses.It is capable of opening mobile phones, PDA housings, laptops, PSPs, DS, MP3 play..
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Mastech M830BZ Digital Multimeter Mastech M830BZ Digital Multimeter
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Brand: MASTECH Model: EE2602
Specifications·       Model Number: M830BZ·       Display : LCD, 1999 counts·       AC Voltage Range : 0 to 750 V·       AC Voltage Accuracy: ±1.2 %·     &..
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Brand: MASTECH Model: EE2601
The meter is handheld Digital Multimeter for measuring DC and AC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Diode and Transistor with battery operated. Display: Blue Backlight LCD, 1999 counts, updates 2-3/sec Measuring method: Dual-slope integration A/D Converter. You can easily rely on its accuracy and coun..
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Model: EE2319
Soldering of high quality A heavy-duty metal foundation supports the gun iron stand. This type has a stronger spring safety holder that keeps the flex from becoming entangled with the spring. A strengthened spring holder makes up this simple soldering iron stand. Both the base and the holder are..
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Model: EE3208
A unique Palm Nipper/Cutter .made out of high grade alloy steel with cutting edges duly grounded and induction heat treated on ultra high frequency to give high wear resistance to the edges. Suitable for cutting soft cooper/aluminum wires up to mm and best tool for jewellers.Specifications ..
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Mini Soldering Iron Bit Mini Soldering Iron Bit
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Model: EE2315-C49R2
This soldering iron tip has a copper base. Inside of the tip there are nickel and chromium inlays.Specifications           Temperature range: 200 °-300 °           Length: 30mm   &..
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Nut Bolt & Spacer Set
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Model: EE3201
Specifications·        Nut Height: 2.9mm·        Nut Diameter: 3mm·        Bolt Height: 24.8mm·        Bolt Diameter: 3mm·     &..
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PCB Drill Bit 1mm
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Model: EE3217-C13R3
Generally used for drilling PCB boards, Metal, jewellery, hardware, ceramic etc. Compatible with all kinds of PCB drill systems. The drill bit is made from high-strength steel for superb durability.Specifications           Material: stainless st..
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Model: EE3220
The screwdriver is made of high quality chrome vanadium steel, has a soft gum handle, a nice hand feeling and a soft touch for long-term operation, and comes with a complete set of in-the-opening tools and standard tools. It is truly the best tool set for your work.Features ·   &nb..
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Model: EE3221
The Self Adjusting Cutter-Stripper is a better working and designed version of the Self Adjusting Cutter/Stripper. This is a one-of-a-kind tool for stripping and cutting insulation from copper wire with diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm or 6mm. This tool is appropriate for electronics, aviat..
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