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Model: EE1526-DC2R3
This is a blank 13.56MHz RFID/NFC card - often used for train/bus passes but also found in other systems where a proximity card is desired. The tag contains a small RFID chip and an antenna, and is passively powered by the reader/writer when placed a couple of inches away.These can be read by a..
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Model: EE1533-DC2R4
This is a blank 13.56MHz RFID/NFC tag. The tag contains a small RFID chip and an antenna and is passively powered by the reader/writer when placed a couple inches away. These chips can be written to & store up to 144 Bytes of data in writable EEPROM divided into banks and can handle over 10..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1517-DC3R4
This is an RF data modem working at 2.4 GHz frequency in the half-duplex mode with automatic switching of receive/transmit mode with LED indication. Receives and Transmits serial data baud rate of 9600 bps at a 5V level for direct interfacing to microcontrollers.RF modem can be used for applications..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE906-DC4R1
This board decodes DTMF signal either from an audio source or phone line to 4 bit binary TTL (5V) level output. It also indicates outputs with LED. Can use directly with microcontrollers to develop various DTMF relate applications like remote monitoring, remote control, Caller ID, Auto Dialler.S..
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Model: EE1538
The ESP32 CAM WiFi Module Bluetooth with OV2640 Camera Module 2MP For Face Recognization has a highly competitive small-size camera module that can operate independently as a minimum system with a footprint of only 40 x 27 mm; a deep sleep current of up to 6mA; and is widely used in various IoT ..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1534-DC1R3
ESP32 WROOM is a powerful WiFi and Bluetooth MCU module that targets a wide variety of applications. At the core of this module is the ESP32-D0WDQ6 chip which is designed to be both scalable and adaptive. To make the Thing Plus even easier to use, we've moved a few pins around to make the board ..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1529 - DC1R1
The ESP-12 Lua Nodemcu WIFI Dev Board Internet Of Things with ESP8266 is an all-in-one microcontroller + WiFi platform that is very easy to use to create projects with WiFi and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The board is based on the highly popular ESP8266 WiFi Module chip wit..
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Model: EE1524-DC1R1
ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor. ESP8266 has powerfu..
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Model: EE1519
This GPS/GLONASS GNSS Antenna combines signals from GPS and GLONASS systems to provide great location accuracy for applications that require it. Because of its small size, this antenna can be employed in any space-constrained setting. This antenna can be used to improve GPS signals in an indoor ..
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GPS Module GPS Module
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE1503
GPS Module comes with a POT (Patch on Top) ceramic antenna which makes it a small and complete solution for enabling GPS navigation to your embedded devices and robots. It supports 66 Channels and external antenna input compatibility for maximum sensitivity. The module comes with a st..
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Model: EE1535-DC4R2
The NEO-6 module series is a family of stand-alone GPS receivers featuring the high-performance u-blox 6 positioning engine. These flexible and cost-effective receivers offer numerous connectivity options in a miniature 16 x 12.2 x 2.4 mm package. Their compact architecture and power and memory o..
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Model: EE1512-DC4R3
This module enables you to wireless transmit & receive serial data. It is a drop in replacement for wired serial connections allowing transparent two-way data communication. You can simply use it for a serial port replacement to establish the connection between MCU or embedded project and PC for..
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