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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE501G-AC10R1
This is a simple to use Gas Sensor Module which can sense the presence of combustible gases mainly Hydrogen, Methane, CO Smoke, and Propane in the air. The module uses our MQ-2 sensor. It simplifies interface to the odd pin spacing of the sensor and provides interface through 4 0.1" header pins...
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Model: EE502-AC2R2
The PIR Sensor module allows you to sense motion. It is almost always used to detect the motion of a human body within the sensor's range. It is often referred to used "PIR", "Pyroelectric", "Passive Infrared" and "IR Motion" sensor. The module has an on-board pyroelectric sensor, conditioning ..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE529H-AC11R1
The HR202 Humidity Sensor Module can be applied to the storage compartment, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical, industrial control systems wide range of applications and research fields. Easy to interface with your microcontrollerSpecifications·     ..
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Model: EE579
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module, HX710B With an altitude resolution of 10 cm, this barometric pressure sensor is best used with altimeters and variometers. The sensor module consists of a pressure sensor with exceptional linearity and a 24-bit, ultra-low-power ADC with internal factory-calibr..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE576
A 38KHz infrared receiver module called IR Receiver Module is compatible with Arduino. The typical 38KHz modulated remote control signal can be received by it. You can achieve the decoding of the remote controller signal by programming the Arduino. You may create a universal remote control with ..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE565-AC1R2
The TCRT5000 have a compact construction where the emitting light source and the detector are arranged in the same direction to sense the presence of an object by using the reflective IR-beam from the object. The operating wavelength is 950 mm. The detector consists of a phototransistor. Th..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE564-AC1R1
IR The obstacle Sensor module has the great adaptive capability of the ambient light, having a pair of an infrared transmitter and the receiver tube, the infrared emitting tube to emit a certain frequency encounters an obstacle detection direction (reflecting surface), infrared reflected back to ..
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Model: EE562-C0R0
This little remote control would be handy for controlling a robot or other project from across the room. It has 21 buttons and a layout we thought was handy directional buttons and number entry buttons. The remote uses the NEC encoding type.Specifications·       Mini re..
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Model: EE503-K15R1&K15R2
Detail about IR transmitterAn infrared emitter, or IR emitter, is a source of light energy in the infrared spectrum. It is a light emitting diode (LED) that is used in order to transmit infrared signals from a remote control. In general, the more they are in quantity and the better the emitters ..
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Model: EE534-Q6
 ITR8102 OPTO INTERRUPTER  sensor, with an IR transmitter & a photodiode mounted on it. Performs Non-Contact Object Sensing. This is normally used as positional sensor switch (limit switch) or as Position Encoder sensors used to find the position of the wheel. It consists of IR LED and..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE539-Q7
This is a laser emitter diode. The working voltage is 3V to 5V DC, with a wavelength of 650nm Red Colour.Specifications·        Operating Voltage: 3V to 5V DC·        Working Current : 40mA·     &nbs..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE529L-AC8R1
This light sensor module or light dependent resistor module (LDR Module) uses the GL5528 photo-resistor to detect the light intensity of the environment. The resistance of the sensor decreases when the light intensity of the environment increases. The LM393 op-amp is configured as a "voltage fol..
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