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Model: EE716-C10R5
This is a common barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies. These are compatible with our DC wall supplies and have a 5mm jack, with a 2.1mm centre pole diameter.Specifications           Connector type: DC Female connector 5.5mm  &nbs..
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Model: EE720
This adapter allows you to connect a barrel jack connector to bare wires. One end has screw terminals and the other has a 5.5x2.1mm, center-positive male barrel jack. If you need to connect bare wires to a barrel jack on an Arduino or a development board, this might be the simple solution.Specif..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE752- DC11R6
This DC Jack gives you a standalone 5.5x2.1mm DC Jack with wires already pre-attached. Make your power connections mobile with this standalone connector instead of standard DC jacks that have to be plugged into a board.Specification·       Socket Outer Diameter..
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Model: EE718-C8R4
This is a 5x2 line pin header in a box package. Notch marking is for pin 1. It can be directly soldered on PCB. 10 pin FRC Cable Connector can be used to connect it with other devices. Specifications           Connector Type: FRC 10 Pin Right An..
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Model: EE744-H1R2
This clear ABS bracket has two screw holes for the module to be attached to the bracket, and two to connect the bracket securely to your project. Nuts and screws are also included.Specifications·        Material: Acrylic·      &nb..
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Model: EE722-C13R2
These are two pin jumpers that will create an electrical connection between two pin headers. Commonly used to modify settings on a board or device. Specifications           Number of Pins: 2           ..
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Male DC Power Jack Wire Cable- EE753-DC11R5 Male DC Power Jack Wire Cable- EE753-DC11R5
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Model: EE753-DC11R5
This DC Power Plug is the standard when it comes to DC power to your devices and in your projects. Solder or connect to the 2 tinned wire leads (black and red) for easy power. The 25cm long cable is colour-coded for easy identification. The barrel jack at the end has a 5.5mm outer diameter and 2..
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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE746-H1R1
Features           Thickness: 2.8-3 .1 mm            Inner diameter: 16mm            Fixing Hole Diameter: 3.8MM       &nb..
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Model: EE719-H5R1
This is a USB Type-B Female connector. The 4 connection pins have .1" spacing allowing it to be inserted into development boards. This USB connector can be found in Printers USB port. This USB Type B Socket also used in Arduino boards.Specifications        &nbs..
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