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Model: EE1608-O1
Features Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes For use in stabilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating. Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ±10%. Add suffix “A” for ±5% tolerance. Nominal Zener Voltage (Vz): 12V Total Power Dissipation (Ptot): 1W DocumentsDownload IN47..
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Model: EE1606-C61R2
This is a high voltage and high current silicon diode. It has a forward voltage drop of about 0.8 Volts it is often used in power supplies, dimmers and various operated equipment.Specifications·        Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 1000V ·  &n..
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Model: EE1603-O1
The 1N4148 is high-speed switching diodes fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) packages.Specifications·        High switching speed: max. 4 ns.·        Continuous..
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Model: EE1602-J1R1
The 2W10 is a single-phase silicon Bridge Rectifier with silver-plated copper leads and a reliable construction utilizing molded plastic case. This bridge rectifier is ideal for printed circuit board. o   700V Maximum RMS voltage o   60A Peak forward surge current o&..
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Bridge rectifier 3A (BR34)
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Model: EE1605-C61R2
Specifications·        Type of semiconductor component: Bridge rectifier·        Peak reverse voltage: 400V·        Maximum RMS voltage: 280 V·        Ra..
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Model: EE1601-J1R3
This is an p–n diode which is a type of two-terminal semiconductor diode based upon the p–n junction that conducts current in only one direction, made by joining a p-type semiconducting layer to an n-type semiconducting layer.Specifications·        Peak reverse..
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Model: EE1607-O1
Specifications Breakdown Voltage: 3.3 V Diode Type: Zener Mounting Type: Through Hole Number of Pins: 2 Package / Case: DO-35 Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C): Yes Power Dissipation: 500 mW Zener Voltage Vz Typ: 3.3 V DocumentsDownload Datasheet..
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Model: EE1610-O1
Zener diodes are useful for creating a reference voltage or as a voltage stabilizer for low-current applications. These diodes are rated for 5.1 volts with a maximum of 1W. Price is for a single diode.Specifications·        Breakdown Voltage: 5.1 V·  ..
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