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Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE2206 - DC7R1
This is a small buzzer module that operates around the audible 2 kHz frequency range. It is an active buzzer, which means that it produces sound by itself, without needing an external frequency generator.It can easily be used with microcontroller boards, like Arduino, without needing a dedicate..
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Condenser microphone Condenser microphone
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Model: EE2204-C28R1
Specifications·        Frequency response: 50Hz to 12 kHz·        Impedance                  : 300Ω·       ..
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Model: EE2202-DC7R2
Specifications·        Operating Voltage 5V - 15V DC·        Max Rated Current 40mA·        Sound Output 2800Hz at 30cm, at Rated Voltage ≥90dB·        R..
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Model: EE2203-C81C4
This speaker cone is ideal for any modest audio project requiring an impedance of 8 and power consumption of 0.5W or less. This cone appeals to us since it is quite simple and its metal body is extremely light. A compact audio speaker that may be used in robot projects and is perfect for radio an..
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