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Model: EE1907-C7R0
A breadboard is a construction base for prototyping of electronics. The term is commonly used to refer to solderless breadboard. Because the solderless breadboard does not require soldering, it is reusable. This makes it easy to use for creating temporary prototypes and experiment..
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General Purpose Dot PCB General Purpose Dot PCB
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Model: EE1910-C88C4
This is single sided Dot Matrix PCB board. It is also known as Perforated Board. This board can be used to quickly build and test circuit boards for testing and prototyping purposed or may be for making breakout boards. This board is made of high quality phenolic laminate and has holes drilled a..
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Model: EE1913
With 170 tie points, this is a fairly compact breadboard. It consists of 17 columns of ten holes, divided into two pairs by a centre notch, and labelled 1 to 17. Each column is additionally labelled with a letter ranging from A to J so that they can be quickly identified in instructions. The Ard..
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