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Model: EE814-C3R1
This 8 digits seven segment display module is based upon the Maxim MAX7219 LED display driver. The module uses two standard 4 digit seven segment displays to display a total of 8 digits in RED with the decimal point. A convenient input and output header allows additional modules to be daisy-cha..
Model: EE812-Q2
This product is a serially driven 8x8 LED Matrix which powered by MAX7219. The 8x8 LED Matrix is easy to use and compatible with Arduino, only needs three data lines and two power lines. It can be used in lots of place like various types of electronic display panels. You can make your applications m..
Model: EE813- C14R3
This Display consisting of 4 dot matrix displays 8x8 LEDs (total 32x8 LEDs), controlled by MAX7219. MAX7219 is an integrated serial input/output common-cathode display driver; It is managed by the microcontroller (Arduino, PIC, etc.) through SPI, which makes it very easy to control. Specif..
Mini Digital DC Voltmeter 3-30V Mini Digital DC Voltmeter 3-30V
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Model: EE808-C3R4
This is a 30V DC Voltmeter that operates over a wide voltage range of input voltage (from 3 to 30V). Only two wires are needed to interface this device with the target circuit and the same DC voltage is used for powering the meter from the target circuit.Specifications·    &n..
P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel Module - 32x16 - High Brightness RED - 5V - Dot Matrix Display P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel Module - 32x16 - High Brightness RED - 5V - Dot Matrix Display
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Model: EE816
The P10 32x16 (Total 512 LEDs) LED Display module is the most convenient way to assemble any size Outdoor or Indoor LED display signboard. This panel contains 512 high brightness red LEDs mounted on a high-quality plastic housing designed for optimal display results. Any number of such panels ca..
Model: EE809-C4R1
The TFT screen is 1.77" diagonal, with 160 x 128-pixel resolution. You can draw text, images, and shapes to the screen. The screen's headers are designed to fit into the socket on the front of the Arduino Esplora, but it is compatible with any AVR-based Arduino (Uno, Leonardo, etc).Specification·&nb..
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