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Model: EE2407-DC10R5
Multicolour Flat Ribbon cable per meter quantity used in general electronics.Features Extended temperature rating: -20oC to 85oC Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Standard Copper Wire 28 AWG Bright 10 colour sequence  ..
Ex Tax:₹20.00
Model: EE2401-DC12R1
Specifications           Wire Type: 2 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &nb..
Ex Tax:₹3.40
Model: EE2402-DC12R2
Specifications           Wire Type: 3 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &nb..
Ex Tax:₹5.00
Model: EE2403- DC12R3
Specifications           Wire Type: 4 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &nb..
Ex Tax:₹6.78
Model: EE2404-DC12R4
Specifications           Wire Type: 5 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &nb..
Ex Tax:₹8.47
Model: EE2405 - DC12R5
Specifications           Wire Type: 6 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 285mm(28.5cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &..
Ex Tax:₹10.17
Model: EE2406 - DC12R6
Specifications           Wire Type: 8 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28  &nb..
Ex Tax:₹13.56
Model: EE2417 -DC11R1
Specifications           Wire Type: 8 Pin  Female RMC Cable           Wire Length: 300mm(30cm)           Wire Gauge (AWG):28&..
Ex Tax:₹22.03
Brand: Eagle Electronics Model: EE752- DC11R6
This DC Jack gives you a standalone 5.5x2.1mm DC Jack with wires already pre-attached. Make your power connections mobile with this standalone connector instead of standard DC jacks that have to be plugged into a board.Specification·       Socket Outer Diameter..
Ex Tax:₹13.56
Model: EE2409-DC10R1
Specifications           Wire Type: Female to Female           Wire Length: 117mm           Wire Gauge (AWG):28       &n..
Ex Tax:₹3.22
Model: EE2415-DC10R2
Specifications·        Wire Type: Female to Male·        Wire Length: 200mm(20cm)·        Wire Gauge (AWG):28·        Pitch: 2.54m·    ..
Ex Tax:₹3.22
Model: EE753-DC11R5
This DC Power Plug is the standard when it comes to DC power to your devices and in your projects. Solder or connect to the 2 tinned wire leads (black and red) for easy power. The 25cm long cable is colour-coded for easy identification. The barrel jack at the end has a 5.5mm outer diameter and 2..
Ex Tax:₹13.56
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